10 Modern, Stylish and Dream Bathroom Designs

The bathroom doesn’t get much priority when compared to the rooms in your house. It is just like a useful space. But now people are expecting modern and unique bathrooms too. For such people, here we are providing 20 best, modern, and unique designs of bathrooms that are inspiring.

  1. 1.The bathroom looks elegant with an Asian style. The whole room features wood- the wood walls and doors. The large sit-in tub allows relaxing after your daily stressful work.
  2. 1
  3. 2. This bathroom resembles a Zen relaxation garden. The top blue sky lighting falls on the wood on the floor and looks pleasant. The stone work under the white tub gives a unique look.2
  1. 3. With Pricey chandelier hanging, beautiful flower pots, designed glass walls, gold decor, high ceiling, and marble inset tub, the bathroom looks luxurious. The candles are the focal points.3
  2. 4. The natural lighting and the off-white color palette looks beautiful and the window over the tub is vibrant. By using a single color, the room looks spacious.4
  1. 5. This bathroom just seems like a beautiful painting. The blue ceiling lights, purple lighting, and the design under the ramp to the tub gives an amazing feel.DaveKingPhotography
  2. 6. A beautiful chandelier, free standing Jacuzzi, lime green door, vibrant blue stool, dark cabinetry, patterned wall, and floor tile along with a round-shaped tub completes this luxurious bathroom.6
  1. 7. The three-tiered steps lead to a deep inset tub. It is the best place for relaxation The surrounding pattern, the black and white wall to allow both the natural lighting and a beautiful design to the room.7
  2. 8. The deep blues and purples, lighting, chandelier, and a tub with water and flowers with a beautiful fragrance, what else can make you enjoy and relax?8
  3. 9. This is a bathroom but seems like an endless indoor pool. The shower gives us clarity and the lighting is attractive and the candles in a row grab the attention.9
  4. 10. Is it a bathroom or an island? It features a large inset tub in the center. The marble flooring and fixtures add the elegance to the room. The circular shower, light wood cabinetry, and detailed ceiling complete the luxurious bathroom.10
  1. Image Source: http://homedesign7.com/20-riveting-bathroom-designs-for-your-dream-house

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