Monthly Archives: March 8, 2016

Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas By MARK BESNOS

Planning for a Bathroom remodeling? Then try out the vintage bathroom design idea which is gaining popularity recently. Vintage décor involves providing a traditional effect to your bathroom walls, floors, sinks etc. It also makes use of accessories and other decorative items which are inspired from the traditional era. Flooring: You can use ceramic tiles…read more

The Best Kitchen Designing Ideas by MARKBESNOS

Planning for a kitchen remodeling or renovation? Our wide range of designing ideas will help you to create a kitchen you dreamt of. Some of the best kitchen designing ideas are given below: Galley Kitchen Idea: In this small compact kitchen there is a place for everything.  This kitchen is ideal for small flats which…read more

Interior Design Tips to make your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly

Proper sleep is a key to good health. So it is very important to encourage a sleep-friendly environment in your bedroom. The tips given below can go a long way in making your bedroom sleep-friendly Calm and Restful Bedroom Design: For a better sleep it is important to have a bedroom design that will make…read more

5 Impressive Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Selecting an impressive kitchen backsplash is one of the vital aspects of Kitchen remodeling.  Kitchen backsplash not only safeguards your kitchen walls from stains but also acts as a decorative element for your kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes are designed by making use of stones, tiles, glass, ceramic, and more. Let’s have a look at the 5…read more