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Cookware made from cast iron is ideal to be used in kitchen, as it is highly durable and facilitates equal distribution of heat. Majority of the cast iron pots have a single metal sheet to ensure that heat gets distributed evenly. Also, they can endure high level of heat.

Now, let us see how the cast iron cookware is superior to other products of its kind presently in vogue.

  1. Cast iron and Teflon: The nonstick cookware made from Teflon is now being widely used. Teflon is inclusive of a carcinogenic, perfluorocarbons, which is emitted into the air when the heat exceeds 260 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the cast iron cookware is fully free from such noxious chemicals.
  2. Cast iron and stainless steel: Stainless steel, which is a blend of various metals, is devoid of any health hazards and it also lasts quite long. Yet, its shortcoming is that stainless steel utensils lead to uneven heat. And, it is here that cast iron cookware wins and also it is much more durable than the utensils of stainless steel.
  3. Cast iron and aluminum: Though aluminum cookware is with a low price tag and less weight, still; we cannot advocate its use. Aluminum is a metal that is reactive and it also finds its way into the food cooked in it, thus risking the health. All these negatives are not there when cast iron cookware is seen.

When you carefully follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about proper maintenance of cookware made from cast iron, it provides a very long service. In spite of the fact that this cookware is rather costly, yet; that should not be an issue when viewed from the perspective of the benefits it provides.

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