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3 Extraordinary Custom Bathroom Designs

Do you know, while selling your house, the property value will definitely get increased if your house have a nice luxurious bathroom. So, just redesign your bathroom. You will really enjoy the experience of being in heaven. Here are 3 custom bathroom designs for you. Just have a look! 1. Luxurious and Expensive Bathroom The…read more

When the Basement Becomes the Second Home – Mark Besnos

When your home has a very spacious basement unused for most of the time, you might contemplate about getting it remodeled. But, is the heavy expenditure involved in the project deterring you from going ahead? Are you even thinking in lines of shifting to a new home for this reason? If you have any plans…read more

Treat Each Room Differently – Color Themes – Mark Besnos

It is always exciting to decide the color of your room. Generally people look for their favorite color and decide to go for it. Actually you should treat each room in your house differently while deciding the color theme. Here are some details and recommendation for color theme of different rooms in your house For…read more

Tips to Organize Your Bathroom – Mark Besnos

The bathroom is comparatively very small room in your home. It is essential to organize your bathroom properly to use space at its maximum extent. The bathroom should not look so crowded and you should get a calming feeling while taking a bath. The clean bathroom often makes your feel fresh and motivate you to…read more

The Small Room Becomes More Spacious – Tips – Mark Besnos

As is the case with many homes, even your home could be having an unused small room. You might be unsure as to what can be done with this room! You must be contemplating about using this room only to store some unwanted items. But, do you know that just by following some simple tips,…read more

Remodel Your Under – Home Garage – Mark Besnos

Are you seriously seeking guidance about the right ways to use your under-home garage? Do you know that remodeling of unused spaces will add another 400 square feet of area to your home? Just as many people, even you could be a bit confused about the aspect of transforming unused areas. What you need is…read more

Home- The Source of Your Happiness – Mark Besnos

The appearance of your home contributes immensely to your happiness! Just by choosing a few specific designs, your home will be transformed into a wonderful place. It will become the abode of joy for you and your family. Now, look at the various aspects, which enhance the joyous ambience of your home. In fact, the…read more

Top 10 Appliances that Make your Kitchen – Mark Besnos

We want many modern accessories in our kitchen, but it is a need to have some basic appliances. Know them and if you don’t have them in your kitchen, buy them now. The Horizon Construction and Remodeling Inc and Mark Besnos will help you to know top 10 appliances that make your kitchen. Knives No…read more

Select the Best of the Kitchen Companies – Mark Besnos

It is not a simple thing to select the best kitchen company in your region as there are 400 registered kitchen companies. It is very difficult for the people to find out which company have excellence in quality for affordable price. Does your kitchen need from the design to installation? Then Horizon Remodeling Inc will…read more