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The appearance of your home contributes immensely to your happiness! Just by choosing a few specific designs, your home will be transformed into a wonderful place. It will become the abode of joy for you and your family.

Now, look at the various aspects, which enhance the joyous ambience of your home. In fact, the following points are also backed by scientific proof.

  1. Color schemes: If you select the right color, it will bring about a positive change in your mood, in the long run. Lively colors serve as powerful antidotes for depression, lethargy and boredom, etc. Likewise, there are also colors that radiate calmness and tranquility.

Here are some examples for you:

  • Blue has been proven to reduce the heart rate and also the blood pressure. If blue is the color of your bedroom, you can be assured of having sound sleep, too.
  • Red is a color that energizes you and hence works like a stimulant.
  • Purple contributes to your thinking ability making you more creative.
  • White enhances the brightness of the room and makes it appear more spacious than what it really is.

Here, please note that the exact shade is more significant than the actual color.

  1. Natural light: It is very important to make sure that there is enough natural light in your home, according to feng shui. This is vital even for the proper working of the body’s biological clock. You also have the choice of using halogen bulbs, as their lighting is almost like natural light.
  2. Flora: When you make plants a part of your home, you will be getting fresh air constantly. And, it is seen that when you have plants with flowers, your creativity will be at its best!
  3. Cleanliness: Too many unwanted things will give a congested and unclean look to your home and, they can also subject you to stress. Keep dispensing these items, as and when required. Design a daily and weekly plan to keep your home always tidy
  4. Gadgets: Avoid using electronic gadgets at bedtime, so that you are not deprived of sound sleep.

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