Interiors Remodeling and Cleaner Air- Salient Points

The Environmental Protection Agency states that the air indoor is more polluted than that which is outdoor. Thus, the focus of interiors remodeling should not be confined just to beautify the place. The remodeling project should also ensure that the air in the home is cleaner.

The following are some salient points that will help to you have a pollution-free ambience within the home, after the remodeling:

  • Avoid toxic products: During the remodeling work and as far as possible, use only those products that have lesser number of toxins in them. Try to stay away from the aerosol products. Here, relying on pump products is a better option.
  • Ventilation: Ensure that at any stage of the renovation work, you do not compromise on the crucial aspect of ventilation. Adequate ventilation brings in fresh outdoor air, which significantly minimizes the impact of the indoor pollutants.
  • Unused products: It is very much likely that after completion of the remodel, some products are left unused. These can include solvents, paints and pesticides, to name a few. Store these things in a locked room, as they can let out noxious gases that contaminate the indoor air.
  • Natural ventilation: The importance of natural ventilation to let in fresh air can never be overstated. Fixing of the windows at the right places is necessary to enable this natural ventilation.
  • Exhaust fan: You have to ensure that you have an exhaust fan just above the stove. This is very much necessary to expel out noxious gases like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

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