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The kitchen itself give you a personality or characteristics.There are some different type of styles such as modern, classic and French styles, its all depend upon fall of your kitchen spaces. Let we see all different styles of kitchen door which Mark besnons and team of Horizon construction & Remodeling Inc has suggested for your kitchen:

Melamine Doors: melamine is using for a layer of paper with low pressure. Melamine is scratch. Tough or economical. They come in a range of colours and finishing. Melamine door supply drop all, lamina and Wilson arts.benefit of melamine door easy to clean.

High pressure is under pressure and heat lamination their layer is covered by thermoset paper.benefit of high-pressure glossy appearance and standard.

Thermo lamination is same as high pressure but under vinyl door viz, vacuum seal. This door are available in variety of color such as timber print, matt, Ashgrain benefit of thermal door style is traditional and modern look.

Timber veneer door are high both side layer are thin and less wood are required.the door style of timber is looking beautiful and warmth.benefit of timber is natural look.

Polyurethane door is totally painted finish,there are three types of ultra smooth hinishing.They all are manufactures the same quality.Benifit of polyurethane door is contemporaryand handless.they are ability to appear any colour and choice of your design minded.

Now choice is your,which door is suitable for your kichen.

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