Kitchen- Reason for Your Pride

The above title is not mere exaggeration! Your kitchen can actually become a reason for your pride, provided you remodel it as per contemporary patterns and designs. Take your pick from any of these designs and, your kitchen will not look like what it was earlier!

Long island: This kitchen has an island the length of which is almost same as that of the entire kitchen. The lovely hanging light over the island and the dark cabinetry, to name a few, give the place a majestic appearance.

Kitchen with painted ceiling: Having a painted ceiling is rather uncommon. But, it this very type of ceiling that is the most attractive aspect of this kitchen. The yellow paint of the ceiling excellently contrasts with the flooring of hardwood.  You will simply love to walk into this kitchen.

Cabinetry till the ceiling: When you go for this design, the cabinetry extends almost up to the roof and thus providing you with ample storage space. The stone backsplash and the lovely stainless steel hardware add beauty to the place. You will be proud to enter the kitchen along with visitors.

Black and white theme: A kitchen of the black and white theme is very popular these days! Well, this kitchen can be considered as a perfect blend of conventional and modern designs. Here, the ceiling is of pure white color, while the cabinets are jet black. Is this not a wonderful combination?

A unique idea: This design is very unique. This is in the sense that here, the cabinetry starts from the floor and extends till the ceiling. The dark cabinets and the white ceiling make the kitchen as a perfect reflection of artistic values!

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