Remodeling of Porch- Diverse Options

When you want to remodel your porch and patio, there are several options for you. You can choose from any of those and your porch will then become the center of attraction of your home:

Partly closed porch: When you opt for the partly closed porch, you will have your privacy and still be connected to the beautiful greenery outside. The glass windows and the big-sized curtains add to the grandeur of the patio. In fact, there will be no shortage of natural light for this porch.

Also, you can choose panels of any color to be used as ceilings for your magnificent renovated porch. Well, you can just relax in the patio and enjoy the varied shades of weather from inside.

Picnic-like ambience: You can remodel the patio and porch to make it have a picnic-like ambience. Here, you will have a picnic table and suitable chairs where, you can enjoy socializing with your near and dear. The trailing vine and potted ferns will add to the aesthetic value of the place.  

Brick patio: Horizon can renovate the place also as a brick patio, which gives you the feel of being present in a lovely garden. The hanging white mantle and the vintage table play their part in giving the place an appearance of ancient times!

Through the grilled windows, you have a constant of view of the beautiful trees in the vicinity.

Patio with fireplace: The porch will be in classic Spanish style, thanks to the brick accents of the fireplace and the stone flooring of the place. It will be a wonderful place to relax with a cup of hot, steaming coffee, in the winter.

Count upon the experienced team of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc owned by Mark Besnos, whatever may be the kind of porch that you want!

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