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As is the case with many homes, even your home could be having an unused small room. You might be unsure as to what can be done with this room! You must be contemplating about using this room only to store some unwanted items.

But, do you know that just by following some simple tips, you can make this small room to have a spacious look? Do you want this confined space to become an important element of your home? If yes, continue reading!

  1. Light colors: Opt for light colors for the walls and, the room will then automatically appear more spacious.
  2. Natural light: Make sure that the room gets as much natural light as possible. If required remove any items obstructing the natural light from coming into the room. If you prefer curtains, go for only the ones that are thin and have a light shade.
  3. Unwanted items: Remove unwanted items from the room that are just needlessly occupying the space. You will be pleasantly surprised with the vastness of the room, once all these things are out.
  4. Mirrors: Fix mirrors in the room to reflect the windows, doors, etc. This creates an illusion of having more space in the room.
  5. Furniture: Ensure that this room has only those furniture items that are actually required there. If you see that any item is of no use in the room, immediately take it away.
  6. Moving space: You should leave enough moving space between the items present in the room. If these things are clustered together, the place will appear very congested.
  7. Lighter chairs: If you want to use the place only as guest room, you should get small, foldable chairs that can be easily moved around.
  8. Mounted shelves: When you cannot avoid storing items in the small room, go for mounted shelves so that the room can retain its spacious look.

If you are unhappy with the room even after considering all these points, you still have an option. Use the place when you seek some moments of solitude! If you want, keep some wall hangings and plush rugs.

The professionals of Horizon Construction and Remodeling Inc, headed by Mark Besnos, are ready to remodel your small room to enhance its appearance. They will do that only after first assessing your requirement.

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