Interior Design Tips to make your Bedroom Sleep-Friendly

Proper sleep is a key to good health. So it is very important to encourage a sleep-friendly environment in your bedroom. The tips given below can go a long way in making your bedroom sleep-friendly

Calm and Restful Bedroom Design: For a better sleep it is important to have a bedroom design that will make you calm & relaxed. You can opt for a tranquil bedroom design which will create a calm and peaceful vibe in your bedroom.

Color Pattern:  Choose a color scheme that is soft and neutral. Try to stay away from bold, gaudy or flashy colors. Some people go for blue color which brings a calm and relaxing effect in their bedroom. However, at times, it is also advisable to use your favorite color. Other colors you can use are the lighter versions of dove grey, olive green and so on.

Get Rid of the Bedroom Clutter: Many of us find it difficult even to sit in an untidy room. If your bedroom is untidy or cluttered it may lead to stress and anxiety which in turn affects your sleep. In order to de-clutter your bedroom, you need good bedroom storage. You can create an additional storage space or can extend your existing storage till the ceilings.

Lighting: Lighting in your room should be kept to a minimum. It is advisable to stay away from the bold light sources. You can also have task lamps in your bedroom. This will facilitate easy reading. You can also make use of blackout window treatments which will keep even the dimmest light away from your room especially during the night time.

Flooring: Try for lime-washed or chalky floorboards. If you like having carpets in your bedroom consider using light-shaded natural fibre carpets.

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