Tips to Organize Your Bathroom – Mark Besnos

The bathroom is comparatively very small room in your home. It is essential to organize your bathroom properly to use space at its maximum extent. The bathroom should not look so crowded and you should get a calming feeling while taking a bath.

The clean bathroom often makes your feel fresh and motivate you to take a soothing bath. Thus, here are some tips from Mark Benson’s team of Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc on how to organize your bathroom properly.

  • The first thing you have to do is get rid of the things which you don’t use. Such as old makeup kit, stained towels, old nail polish bottles, expired medicines and soaps which you never liked much.
  • The next thing is to add an outlet inside the cabinets. This will help you to keep the hairdryer or electric razor very quickly at the place where you actually use it.
  • You can use a magnetic strip to hold your bobby pins and tweezers in your bathroom.
  • Make categories for each cabinet, such as first-aid or makeup kits or clean up things. This will help you to find the things when they are required.
  • Make a separate place to keep Q-tips and cotton swabs in small containers. This will make it easy for you to just pick one cotton piece to remove your make-up or to clean your nail polish.
  • You can also built up the shelf above the bathroom door or your toilet to keep the things like washing powder or toilet cleaner in it.

The organized bathroom is very easy to implement and make your day every time you get into your bathroom. Apart from this follow the hygiene terms and keep your bathroom always clean. All this tips will be very useful for you to keep the smallest room of you house the fresh room. Try it today!

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