Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas By MARK BESNOS

Planning for a Bathroom remodeling? Then try out the vintage bathroom design idea which is gaining popularity recently. Vintage d├ęcor involves providing a traditional effect to your bathroom walls, floors, sinks etc. It also makes use of accessories and other decorative items which are inspired from the traditional era.

Flooring: You can use ceramic tiles with antique wood effect for your bathroom flooring. In some cases, marbles and simple white tiles can also be used.

Bathroom Walls: You can incorporate various antique wallpapers designs on your bathroom walls. The common trends include floral themes used in 1930, artworks of toiletries and bath products used around 100 years back. Vintage movie posters can also give a traditional effect to your bathroom walls.

Bathroom Sink Designs: There are various antique sink designs which you can use in your bathroom. The popular being antique marble sinks, wall-hung and under mount sinks, pedestal sinks, copper sinks, and so on.

Countertop Ideas: If you are planning a vintage style Bathroom remodeling than it is important to have a countertop with an antique finish. Glossy wood countertop will go well with your idea of a vintage bathroom. You can also consider using stone, granite or marble countertops for your bathroom remodeling in a vintage style.

Bathroom Furniture & Accessories: Bathroom furniture and accessories can also be a great way to give your bathroom a vintage feel. Chairs and benches made up of natural woods along with metal lockers can add a vintage effect to your bathroom. You can also keep styling accessories which were used many years back in vintage containers.

So want to add a vintage style to your bath place? Then just take expert advice of Mark Besnos who leads the Horizon Construction & Remodeling. The remodeler with his various remodeling ideas will help you to construct a perfect vintage bathroom.

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