11 Brilliant Modern Walk-In-Closets

We accumulate more and more clothes in the walk-in-closets and they become untidy and lose its beauty. Here are 11 modern and beautiful walk-in closet designs to inspire.

  1. 1. This white walk-in closet a lot of space for your clothes and accessories. Hanging space leaves plenty of room for a suit jacket and the dedicated spaces below the hanging space for caps are really great.
  2. w1
  3. 2. This is designed like a modern locker-room style but with clean lines. Glass doors and dividers create a nice visual appeal to the room.
  4. w2
  5. 3. With white doors and dark wood cabinetry, the closet gives a nice look. The overhead storage is ideal for luggage and other accessories. Hanging spaces are useful for small accessories.
  6. w3
  7. 4. The closet features stainless steel and glass drawers that looks very nice and simple in design but modern in style. The storage bins are made up of velvet type cloth.
  1. 5. The white room with illuminating colors and a dark closet are the focal points. There is a lot of space for shoes, accessories etc. There are 8 expansive shelves to put your clothes.
  1. 6. White is the common color palette in the closets, but the style adds a contrast with black shelving. The open storage is a point of interest.
  2. w6
  3. 7. This closet is with white color sliding doors. The wood cabinetry, dark finishes and a lot of space for hanging clothes, floor storage for luggage completes the beautiful room.
  4. w7
  5. 8. This is a classic closet with good cabinetry finish and expansive storage. Hanging racks are large and this space is ideal for the persons with large wardrobes.
  1. 9. This closet is just like an upscale dressing room where the attendants bring the clothes to meet your taste. There is a lot of space for hanging jackets and dresses.
  2. w9
  3. 10. The floor to ceiling structure adds a modern look. The floating shelving, a lot of storage space on both sides, sitting area covered by a dark rug completes the nice place.
  4. w10
  5. 11. The dark floor to ceiling colors creates a pleasant look. There is an ample space for clothes and accessories. The open area and inset lighting showcases the hanging clothes.
  6. w11

Image Source: http://homedesign7.com/

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